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Pro Display was born to innovate, changing the face of visual display as we know it today. At the forefront of display technology, Pro Display is focused on developing new and exciting ways to advertise and entertain. Image and communication are no longer just a desire - they've become a way of life.

A combination of design flair, innovation and expert knowledge have created a truly unique range of display products and solutions.

Pro Display prides itself on having a unique range of screen technologies which will cover most, if not all of your display requirements.
Projection Screen
Projection Films
Sunscreen Projection
Interactive Projection Foils
Interactive IR Bezel
Mirror Vision
LCD Displays
LED Displays
Sound Pod
Canvass Art Speakers
Projection Screens

Acrylic, front & rear projction films. For indoor and outdoor applications.

Projection Films

Turn your store glass windows into
a visual experience.

Interactive Foils

Transform any glass or plexiglass into an interactive touch screen.

Interactive IR Bezels

Turn any surface into a interactive projection screen.

Mirror Vision

Movies and images magically appear through the mirror surface.

LCD Displays

LCD displays for indoor, outdoor or glass window applications.

LED Displays

LED displays for advertising screens and perimeter display system.

Sound Pod

Turn any surface into a loudspeaker with our Sound Pod.

Canvass Art Speakers

Surface Sound Technology.
Works of art. Sounds good.