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Screen Technologies
Pro Display’s engineers have been designing and developing display products and solutions for over 20 years, working closely with a number of different screen technologies to provide some of the most innovative display products in the market today.

Our range of display products and solutions is vast covering most if not all industry applications. What ever your screen requirement or application we are confident that we are able to provide you with the right solution.
Whether you're looking for a small 7” LCD TFT screen with built in media player or a large format video advertising board for the side of a building, we are sure to a cost effective solution.

For more information about the different products and technologies we have to offer each market, please click on one of the Markets link listed on the left.
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Products By Market
In order to make it easier for our customers to decide which products are best suited to which application, we have put together a brief document which highlights products by market.

This is a basic guide to help you look at a specific market or aplication and choose which of the Pro Display product range would be most relevant for your industry sector. Pro Display offer a complete range of visual display solutions which would cover most industry applications, but often it is difficult to decide which of our products would fit the requirement.

There are a number of basic steps you can follow to choose the right solution. We often specify products by screen size and application e.g. indoor or outdoor. The size of screen will often dictate the technology most suited to your specific application.

Here is a simple rule that we often work with:

Screen sizes 7" to 47" (LCD TFT technology) - This technology is now available for indoor, window and outdoor applications (high brightness). There are a few exceptions for instance we often use 30" and 40" interactive projection screens for store window applications.

Screen sizes 50" to 138" (Projection technology) - This technology is now available for high ambient environments and even window applications. Projection is a cost effective solution for big screen advertising and high brightness window displays (size restrictions).

Screen sizes 150" and above (LED technology) - This technology is the only true solution that will work outdoor in direct sunlight. There is some cross over between projection and LED on smaller screen sizes.

Let us recommend which products would suit your particular application. Please Contact Us highlighting your specific requirements and industry sector and one of our representatives will contact you as soon as they become available.