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Smart Glass. The latest in Architectural Glass.

Create instant privacy for conference walls, shower rooms, partitions and doors. Design a building that maximizes day lighting while minimizing the negative effects of the sun. Design to take full advantage of natural light without compromising the view.

Smart glass gives you full control of your windows, doors and skylight over sunlight, glare and heat.

Choose from two different types of smart glass for interior and exterior applications - (LCD) Liquid Crystal Devices and (SPD) Suspended Particle Devices. These can be mixed and matched in external windows for homes and buildings and interior doors, partitions, skylights, and curtain walls.

How Does Smart Glass Work?
Discover how the magic works, whether for privacy or variable tint. Understand how it cannot be simply compared to an ordinary glass.

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Where Can Smart Glass Be Used?
Use smart glass practically everywhere ordinary glass has been designed to be used. But with this technologically-advanced architectural glass, the possibilities become endless.

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