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SPD Variable Tint Glass

The SPD (Suspended Particle Devices) Variable Tint Glass regulates the light, heat and glare that passes through it.

Powered by 110VAC but uses a low DC current, the SPD glass varies from light to dark blue tint. When turned OFF, the SPD glass returns to a dark blue tint.

Aside from shielding 99% of UV rays which are harmful to furniture and artwork, the SPD Variable tint also rejects solar heat creating a cooler temperature inside the room.

Benefits of Using SPD glass

Sustainable Architectural Design – increase the energy efficiency of buildings, improve the well-being of occupants, and lower the environmental impact of buildings and structures.

Daylight harvesting – reduce the need for artificial lighting by creating designs that use natural light for illumination. A reduction in internal electrical lighting needs show a potential annual savings of 35% - 60% on lighting energy.

Eliminate window coverings and maintenance costs – SPD provides partial privacy (depending on its tint level) while constantly providing you with the "View".

Block UV Rays - SPD smart glass blocks almost 99% of UV rays thus help in the preservation of artwork and furniture.

Energy Saving– SPD glass panels provide excellent control over solar heat (see SHGC table), reducing internal lighting needs which translate to lower HVAC sizing and energy bills.

Provide the WOW factor.

Lamination & Construction Options

Laminated with Annealed or tempered glass or polycarbonate;
Tinted glass and reflective glass;
5/8" - 1 1/2" thick Insulated Glass, Low-e glass,
Argon filled; Shapes, Holes, Bent, Curved, Butt Glazed;
Flat, Beveled, Sanded, Seamed & Pollished edges;
Film setback: 1/8" on all edges;
Minimum Framing Bite: 1/2" on busbar edge;
Mounting Options: Windows, doors, and skylights; and
UL approved construction, fittings and connectors.

Decoration Options

Sandblast, Laser etch, Stained Glass overlays, Patterns, Divided Lites, Segmenting.

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Color ON/OFF Light Blue Tint / Dark Blue Tint
Visible Light Transmission ON/OFF (%) 50 / 1
Shading Coefficient ON/OFF 00.08 / 00.47
Rel. Heat Gain (btu/sqft/Hr) Film only ON
Film only OFF
5/8" Insulated Clear Glass
5/8" Insulated Low-e Glass
U factor (btu/Hr/Deg(F))/sqft. laminated
5/8" Insulated Clear Glass
5/8" Insulated Low-e Glass
Response Time (sec.) ON/OFF 01 / 05
Temperature Limits (Deg F) -22 Deg up to 194 Deg
Operating Voltage 120VAC 50/60Hz
Operating Current 4.9mA / sq. m. (1.5mA / sq. ft.)
Power Consumption 01.8W / sq. m. (00.18W / sq. ft.)
UV Blocking 99%